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UGREEN External USB Sound Card Product Review

Here’s an inexpensive and portable solution for dealing with poor audio quality in workstation computers..

UGREEN USB External Sound Card
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Lets talk about the UGREEN external USB sound card and why I’ve been using it. Forgoing the traditional big box monolith PC, I’ve been interested in modularizing my PC accessories – external Blu-ray reader, external card reader – and now this external sound card. This means that I only have to buy the accessory once and enjoy the convenience of mobility.

You can buy the UGREEN external USB sound card on Amazon.

For coding and blogging, I don’t need my beefy gaming PC, opting for an ultra small form factor Lenovo Thinkcentre workstation. However, I do listen to music while I work, and noticed that the audio wasn’t very good, often with noise artifacts and a feeble & tinny output.

The UGREEN external USB sound card has proved itself as a reliable solution. I’ve used it for several months now and am pleased with the improved audio quality. It’s not a THX drop-in solution, but perfect for stereo listening with headphones. It works well and I haven’t had any difficulties with it.

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On Windows and on Ubuntu, I was able to make it work out of the box with no additional setup – just plug it into an available USB port. It’s supported on Windows/Mac/Linux and possibly other devices and for those who like the aesthetic, it’s also available in black.

Because it’s just a small USB device, I can easily take it with me when I need to set up my laptop somewhere else. Overall I definitely recommend this device as a solid solution for audio improvement. Check it out yourself and see if you like it.

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