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Arteck HW086 Wireless Keyboard Product Review

Here’s a sturdy compact wireless keyboard for keeping the desk tidy and minimal.

A hand holding a compact keyboard over a desk.
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Lets talk about the Arteck HW086 wireless keyboard and why I’ve been using it. As part of my Work From Home initiative, I’ve been trying to de-clutter my desk in meaningful ways. As I see it, less distractions means better focus. Reducing cable clutter seems a step in the right direction.

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Go Wireless, Go Small

Keyboard and mouse cables are particularly inconvenient because they tend to run through prime desk real-estate. However, wireless accessories are quite reliable as an alternative now with high battery life and low input latency.

I already use a Logitech MX Anywhere 3 wireless mouse so adopting a wireless keyboard was the obvious next step. My motivation was also to find a compact keyboard, as I don’t have broad shoulders. As such, I’ve found that wide keyboards force my mouse arm to strain by frequently being in an extended position. This compact keyboard keeps my area of activity within shoulder range.

Trial Run – 2 Weeks In

I use my computer primarily for software development and office productivity. So far, I can’t fault the Arteck HW086. It’s exactly as expected. I haven’t noticed the connectivity faltering, nor have I had to charge it. The manufacturer rates the battery life at 6 months with 2 hours of daily use. I use my computer for up to 12 hours a day but even then, a 1-2 month charge seems reasonable.

The keys aren’t notable other than having a somewhat firm actuation. The keys use low-profile scissor switches, and typing is quiet.

I’d like to mention the placement of Home/End/Page Up/Page Down on the arrow keys, toggled by Fn key. In conjunction with other arrow key shortcuts, this is rather convenient for navigating code. I know, I don’t use Vi. I escaped once; I’m not ready to tempt fate a second time.

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This keyboard is a go-ahead by us. If you like compact keyboards, this is a solid wireless option to consider.

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