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Mantiz Folding Pocket Laptop Stand Product Review

The Mantiz, by Luxtarr, claims to be the world’s smallest foldable laptop stand. We backed them on their Kickstarter campaign and here’s what we thought.

Mantiz stand folded next to laptop.

The Mantiz laptop stand aims to be a sturdy but portable accessory, ideal for mobility without bulk. Its 20° angle of elevation helps bring the screen closer to eye level while providing a comfortable typing angle.

The stand is made with aluminum & copper alloy to be scratch and rust resistant. It weighs 5.6oz and folds to a length of 4.5″ while being able to support a weight of 6.1lbs.

You can learn more about the Mantiz on its Kickstarter campaign page.

Packaging and Content

The stand arrived in a plain white box designed to exactly fit the product dimensions. Its contents included only the Mantiz and a folded manual sheet. Minimal and efficient with exactly what I expected and minimal waste.

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Functionality and Feel

I really like how the Mantiz lives up to expectations, folding to fit unobtrusively in my laptop bag. While I was initially skeptical of the construction’s sturdiness, it was steady while typing.

To keep the laptop on the stand, padded flaps flip open from the lower extremities of the resting arms. The resting arms also have padded areas to further prevent slippage and scratching of the laptop’s undercarriage. I like the use of padding – this is a nice extra touch that makes me comfortable in placing my laptop.

Note that the points of contact with the surface are not padded. I don’t know if this is a flaw in practicality, I haven’t experienced any slippage across my countertop.

Campaign and Creator

The Kickstarter campaign page clearly presents the product vision, soundness and viability of design decisions, and what to expect. During the early phase, the creator made frequent announcements concerning minor design revisions and overall progress. I liked that they were willing to improve upon their initial design with more practicality in mind.

However, I would also like to discuss my disappointment in how the creator handled the later phase and delivery of the Mantiz. The shipping date was overshot by months, with inadequate communication. It felt like a grab and run scam until the product finally arrived, and this has eroded my confidence in the creator for any future projects.


I am satisfied with the Mantiz laptop stand and would recommend it as a laptop accessory. It has a sturdy feel and is conveniently compact when folded. However, I would be wary in dealing directly with the creator again.

The cool green chameleon sticker on my laptop is designed by Artwork By Emilie and is available for purchase on her e-store.