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PSY – Gangnam Style

I really want to share this incredibly good Korean song that is trending, possibly the hottest song at the moment. So good that it’s been stuck in my head for over a week! (I don’t speak a lick of Korean) So trendy that it’s gained more than 55 million views in 10 days.

Beware of Twitter Phishing

Hey guys, this one is for all of you Tweeters. Phishing happens all the time, but I saw this particular attempt today so I figured I’d raise some awareness. Learning good internet practices never hurts anyway. So, the scam starts off like this: You receive a direct Tweet from one of your Twitter buddies; they’re letting you know that somebody is talking smack about you.

Some Christmas Cheer

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,How steadfast are your branches!Your boughs are green in summer’s climeAnd through the snows of wintertime.O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,How steadfast are your branches! And for everyone who hasn’t finished their shopping yet, it’s turbo time :P