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7 important World of Warcraft addons that you need

Looking for the best World of Warcraft addons? Here’s list of 7 WoW addons that you really shouldn’t be playing without. These addons will enhance your experience, inform and assist during fights, and in general improve how you play WoW.

Prat: A fabulous enhancement to the chat interface, this addon displays useful information about who is speaking, color codes classes, and more. It allows copying of links from chat!

Quartz: Lag happens. This addon deals with it. Really? A bit; it colours in a percentage of the progress bar when you use a move to represent the amount of latency. The lag is still there, but now you can compensate for it. Added bonus, Quartz also displays buff/debuff information about your current target as small duration bars.

Recount: Curious to see how much damage you are putting out? Want to compare your DPS against against other players’? Recount shows the numbers and comes with a nifty report-generation feature. There is also chart functionality, should you want to look at fight history visually.

Deadly Boss Mods: Boss encounters can be tricky to most players, with so many details to pay attention to. Even knowing the fights, it’s hard to be constantly be aware of events – I have some trouble myself. DBM will be your best friend. It will provide notices when entering various phases, when the boss is about to do a super move, when there is something that can be stopped, and when you should move from the fire:P

TullaCooldownCount: Want to know exactly how long you have to wait before your combat moves are no longer on cool down? This small addon shows time remaining as a number, overlaid on the combat move icon in your hotbar. Much more meaningful than the clock-like animation of the icon filling back up, and very useful for fine-tuning your rotation.

Auctioneer: Auction House, Gold; they go hand in hand. If you are serious about making gold in the auction house, you need this addon. Not planning on being the next trade tycoon? That’s fine, Auctioneer enhances the AH window to show how expensive items are compared to the market price. The more you visit the auction house, the better this estimate will be.

AtlasLoot Enhanced: Have you ever wanted to see a list of every possible piece of loot available from a boss, event, profession, pvp, or faction? Well you can now. Install this addon and ogle all the phat lewtz and their sources.