When I was in high school, I used to post weekly brainteasers on my locker, and the solution to the previous week’s teaser (and then the peanut gallery would rip them down as soon as I left for class). It became quite popular, with the vice principal hounding me at one point about not having the weekly teaser up.… Read the rest
Deal of a lifetime. What would we do without the good people at Sun Microsystems? FYI, Open Office is already free…… Read the rest
Free Software!!!
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: System32\Drivers\Ntfs.sys That’s what glared at me from the monitor of my brother’s PC on friday. It pretty much means that Windows XP is unable to communicate with the filesystem, because this file has become corrupted or was deleted.… Read the rest
System Failure
My birthday present from me to me, a Thermaltake Amor Jr. case Yes, I’m nerdy. But hey, I have the best looking PC on the block and you know it:D Sadly, supposedly quiet fans didn’t meet my expectations, as usual so I had to splurge on a fan (and I have some from before).… Read the rest
Thermaltake Armor Jr.
I’ve been quiet recently. I’ve also been working like a madman recently. long sleepless nights, and ramming speed pace during the day as well, but at last it’s done. I present to you, CUTTS So it’s not “quite” finished yet. It’s fully functional but I would like to add a few more aesthetic features, and find any obvious bugs.… Read the rest
The remains of my summer
The weekend past was rather eventful – the perfect way to end a swell holiday. Friday was Dad’s birthday and we went to… Bert’s Bar! Furthermore, Bert happens to be the brother of our pharmacist, and both brothers are good childhood friends of my Dad.… Read the rest
Homeward Bound
Owwwww. Retrospectively, trying to get my money’s worth when arriving with only an hour of free drinks left wasn’t such a hot idea. Topping it off with a few beers at my cousins’ beach house shortly afterwards was even worse. Mind you, a great concoction was conceived last night – Sprite & (Banks) beer.… Read the rest
The Woodpecker’s Pub
And perhaps a bit too much, because now I am totally sunburned from head to toe, despite wearing sunscreen. Yesterday was a blast though; my family and I (cousins and brothers) took a scenic cruise up the west coast of the island on a Catamaran.… Read the rest
Fun in the sun
Man today was awesome. I’m a bit tired and washed out, but here goes. We woke up at 6:00 to get ready, got sunscreened and costumed up and took a bus to the starting point for 7:30. our band marched around on the stage a bit (my family saw us on local TV) and then we commenced our streetdance to Spring Gardens from 8:30 to 1:30.… Read the rest
Alrighty. I’m back, digitally. Still in Barbados. We’re right in the middle of the Kadooment (Crop Over) festival, Barbados’ most important festival. Caribbeaners take festivals and parties MUCH more seriously than north american folk, so while Barbados could comfortably fit in Ottawa, there is more celebrating cumulatively than there is for Canada day 😀 Needless to say, they keywords are “Party Hearty” and the local bars are bringing home the bacon.… Read the rest
Barbados 2007 – The first few days
Ahhhhhh. After more than 2 long years of work and school, I’m having my well deserved vacation. I’m off to visit my family in barbados (most of my family from both sides lives in the Caribbean) and how sweet it will be.… Read the rest
Summer vacation 2007
I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. Gommen nasai. So, I had some interesting mail; Phil’s postcard from Kenya arrived, including insightful gems of wisdom. I’ll keep those in mind should I ever decide to tour Africa. My laptop also arrived – yes that’s right, I finally won a laptop bid on Ebay.… Read the rest
How was your weekend?