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Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

A great book that introduces the reader to several programming language paradigms. While it has received some criticism for not adequately covering any language in detail or with much formality, that was never the intent of the book. What I came away with was a solid introduction to the syntax, semantics, and features of each language introduced – the keyword being introduced – leaving the reader with exposure and understanding of what each language is about should he or she wish to continue learning about any of the languages covered.

Internet Explorer 9 launches

Microsoft has recently launched Internet Explorer 9! And boy have they come a long way with their browser – you’ll find that IE9 is actually surprisingly capable. Try it out and see for yourself.


I’m a performance freak when it comes to computers. Granted, my desktop receives a LOT more optimization tweaks to squeeze out those extra frames in games, but there are some basic procedures that everyone should execute now and then to avoid having your computer run at snail’s pace.

Free Software!!!

Deal of a lifetime. What would we do without the good people at Sun Microsystems? FYI, Open Office is already free…

Building xiO 2.5

As some may know, I am a hardware enthusiast. Some might also know that my pc is historically named xiO. I saw an offer on Ebay for an Athlon64 FX-55, one of AMD’s VERY high-end CPUs, around December 14th and this set in motion a system upgrade.