Hello and welcome to my site! I’m Jon Weatherhead – a software developer with an invested interest in internet technologies. I encourage you to explore some of the things that I’m involved in, and stay current with my blog.

The Cool Things

These are some internet sensations that I am highlighting. You should check them out!


ShowWiz is an Ottawa-based startup which I co-founded that offers a craft and vendor show aggregation service for shoppers and vendors.

Akunna on Twitch

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I play a variety of games but I play World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 consistently…kind of? I main a Blood Elf Hunter. I love my spawns, Danny DeVito, horror films and halloween! I’m a bit lewd and swear quite a bit if that ain’t your jam might as well click off.

See you on my stream!

Ifs, Ands, or Buttons

Ifs, Ands, or Buttons is an Ottawa-based maker who features trendy buttons and magnets and supports several charities through a portion of the proceeds of several items.

The Things That I wrote

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The Things That I’m Involved With

These are some organizations that I work with.

Sit With Me is an Ottawa-based non-profit, volunteer run dog rescue through whom I foster a beautiful pitbull named Haylee.

With beautiful eyes and high intelligence, she’s quite the friend around the house and an excellent cuddler. She is looking for a permanent home.