React portals are a powerful tool, but have some gotchas that you should be aware of.
Don’t Use React JS Portals Before Reading This
How I resolved an incompatibility between WP Google Maps Pro and Autoptimize plugins preventing maps from initializing correctly.
How I fixed loading WP Google Maps Pro with Autoptimize
How to organize WordPress theme code to facilitate child theming without taking any special consideration in the base theme.
How to load a WordPress theme style the right way
When I comment on posts I want the default to be my account!
How to change Facebook’s default comments and likes user when you manage pages
Here is some software you can use on Windows or Mac to reduce blue monitor light.
How to protect your eyes from blue monitor light
Blogfolio 1.8 brings notable improvements to the layout and presentation of your blog on both small and large screens.
Blogfolio 1.8 looks great on mobile
By crafters, for crafters. Your exhaustive Ottawa craft and arts show directory.
A business called ShowWiz
Safely filter webforms and other sources of data with this core API.
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The second in an introductory series to CSS. Learn how to write CSS rules to target and style HTML elements.
CSS: The Basics – Selectors and Properties
The first post in an introductory series to CSS. Discover why it came to be, what it is, and how to use it.
CSS: Why, What, and How
When code is always written the way that it's written, it sometimes takes an outsider voice to question the rote.
PHP semantics – the array push
I just bought a new PC and wasn’t looking forward to the tedious exercise of installing all my programs again. The Windows Migration tool is no good there, it only moves documents and settings. It turns out that Windows has a much better tool for doing this.… Read the rest
How To Migrate Your PC the Easy Way