Safely filter webforms and other sources of data with this core API.
PHP validation and sanitization with the Filter API
The second in an introductory series to CSS. Learn how to write CSS rules to target and style HTML elements.
CSS: The Basics – Selectors and Properties
The first post in an introductory series to CSS. Discover why it came to be, what it is, and how to use it.
CSS: Why, What, and How
When code is always written the way that it's written, it sometimes takes an outsider voice to question the rote.
PHP semantics – the array push
I just bought a new PC and wasn’t looking forward to the tedious exercise of installing all my programs again. The Windows Migration tool is no good there, it only moves documents and settings. It turns out that Windows has a much better tool for doing this.… Read the rest
How To Migrate Your PC the Easy Way
Ah coffee, the rocket fuel of society. It gets you from point A to point B but the question is really whether you want regular or premiummmmmmm! I myself turned to coffee out of necessity; I had to finish an assignment at all costs and simply not adequately alert to perform mental juggling.… Read the rest
I switched to Death Wish coffee, and it’s damn good!
A great way of giving your readers a heads up on what to expect in articles containing potential trauma triggers.
Protect your blog readers from traumatic memories with Trigger Warning Deluxe
When you muck around with PHP enough, every now and then you'll find a skeleton in the closet.
PHP class hoisting bug
Create automatically justified horizontal menus with only CSS.
CSS Recipes: justified horizontal menus
Ease tension in your wrists and add an eye-catching piece to your desk with this unorthodox keyboard.
Kinesis Freestyle 2 review
The KISS Principle
Entertaining ideas