tudor mint - zenith overlord
Zenith Overlord – Myth & Magic
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Firefox 22 now takes DPI from the WIndows setting by default
With Firefox 22 recently pushed as an update, you might be one of the users surprised to find that everything suddenly looks bigger. Why is this?
Why does everything look bigger in Firefox 22?
Kelissa Ft. Keznamdi - Gideon
Kelissa Ft. Keznamdi – Gideon (Official Video)
Szechuan steak stir fry
Szechuan steak stir fry
a screenshot of the Blogfolio theme for WordPress
The Blogfolio theme for WordPress has finally reached a level of refinement and elegance suitable for powering Planetjon. Goodbye 3rd party themes, hello my own.
New site theme, Blogfolio
Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken
Another of my kitchen creations as I teach myself how to cook. I didn’t have peppers or broccoli so I had to improvise with peas. I also made a jello mousse but that was consumed with gusto before I remembered my camera.… Read the rest
Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken
Deadlpool game
Deadpool, game of the summer?
Smother that waffle with chocobutter and drizzle with maple syrop to form the mother of all desserts.
Bake a Belgian Waffle dessert and satisfy that sweet tooth.
DIY: Bake a Belgian Waffle
A fully assembled epic eggwich in its flavourful glory
Cook yourself a mouth-watering Epic Eggwich in 6 easy steps.
DIY: Cook an Epic Eggwich
An ode to software
yii book cover
So, if you’re interested in developing with PHP, you should really check out the Yii Framework. And if you like what you see, I strongly recommend Larry Ullman’s Yii Book. While still in the making, you can buy it now and receive the updates as Larry writes and revises the chapters.… Read the rest
A reason why Larry Ullman is awesome