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Loading a simple XML configuration file in Java made even simpler

Through the necessity to externalize GUI messages in an application that I have been working on, I have come up with a remarkably simple and clean approach for loading key:value pairs from an external XML file or stream. The Class also transparently allows for String interpolation, should it be required.… Read the rest “Loading a simple XML configuration file in Java made even simpler”

Code Commenting – a delicate art of balance

Taken from my reply to a post regarding the topic on Facebook, a few words introducing key guidelines I follow when commenting my code. Regarding classes, I like to provide a class summary stating the intent and purpose. Accessors, Mutators, Constructors – I don’t feel the need to comment them as their roles are (and should be) rather self-explanatory.… Read the rest “Code Commenting – a delicate art of balance”

Clean Code

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship Frustrated with your code? Wondering how on earth your own solution works? It doesn’t need to be so; reading code should and can be like reading a good story, its tale unfolding in vivid detail with each line.… Read the rest “Clean Code”