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Spicing up my blog index with a top categories and tags breakdown

If you think that your blog index is too bland, you can spice it up with this simple plugin.

spices on a counter

I noticed that my blog index was a bit bland, with the minimal Blitch WordPress theme that I use. There are no featured images on the index pages – only titles and snippets. This is concise but repetitive and lackluster – I wanted to break the monotony with something eye catching.

Other than clicking through the index pages, it’s hard to get a feel for my most frequent topics. Aha, I thought. What if I created a widget for highlighting my top categories and tags – hot topics at a glance. This would both add an eye-catching visual element, and improve user experience, two birds with one stone.

A plugin for featuring your blog’s hot topics at a glance.

Top Categories And Tags plugin suits this purpose. You can see it in action by visiting the main blog page where it highlights that I write a lot about technology. If you’re interested in having this on your own site, you can learn more on the project page for Top Categories And Tags.

Top Categories And Tags as featured on Planetjon blog