Elegant and lightweight, Blogfolio is a responsive HTML5 theme for WordPress geared towards portfolio-based blogging.

Features include a homepage template with tiled blog posts, and custom widget areas. Make it yours with a custom menu, header image, and background. Extend it through the numerous action hooks and custom template fragment system.

Blogfolio is available here in the WordPress theme repo.
Blogfolio is now maintained in this git repo.

Learn how to extend Blogfolio [Dev Notes]


Responsive design

Blogfolio maximizes site experience by elegantly presenting content on both large screens and mobile devices.

Custom home page template

Blogfolio offers a custom home page template that shows the most recent blog posts as tiles. Home page also supports an optional widget area that is placed before the blog posts.

Five widgetable areas

The staple of WordPress sites, Blogfolio provides 5 widgetable areas. Notable areas are as follow:

  • Site Header widget area located below site header. Recommended for social media icons widgets.
  • Before Content widget area located above all content in the content section. Good for site notices, breadcrumbs, etc.
  • Home Page widget area located below Before Content widget area but before content, only rendered on home page. Good for any home page specific content.
  • Content Sidebar widget area located to the right side of main content. Good for miscellaneous aside content.
  • After Content widget area. Good for directing the reader to other site content.

Excerpts and Thumbnails

Blogfolio supports custom excerpts and post thumbnails. Post thumbnails are used to decorate both the post tiles on the home page and the title on the actual post. Custom excerpts are displayed before post content on the posts.

Custom navigational nested menu

Blogfolio supports a custom primary navigational menu.

Action hooks

Blogfolio offers action hooks at many significant areas of the site. Developers can leverage these hooks to augment and modify the theme behaviour without having to modify the code. Consider using Prioritize Hooks plugin or the Blogfolio dev notes to quickly discover the various hooks without having to code dive.


Screenshot of Planetjon themed by Blogfolio.

Release History


Fixed bug in fragment loader.
Fixed overflowing of wide captions with no alignment.


Fixed the navigation menu to support arbitrary levels of nesting.


Added a template for date archives.
Added new options to the admin page for controlling site title colour.
Improved code comments where needed.


Minor compliance tweaks to templates and css.
Changed role required for accessing the theme settings page to ‘edit_theme_options’.
Fixed admin option validation.


Added author template and attachment template.
Introduced & tweaked styling. Refactored some template code and moved general HTML elements styles to separate CSS file.
Added custom renderer & styles to wp_link_pages() to be consistent with paginate_links().
Fixed text domain loading.


Homepage tiles now display post preview on hover.
Introduced Post Format support.
Homepage tiles post preview shows customized thematic icons on post formats.


Begrudgingly moved lambda-styled hook functions to the Blogfolio class to allow compatibility with PHP 5.2.
Introduced some configurable theme options.


Flipped typography. Headers and links are now sans-serif and body text is now serif. Adjusted body text to be a bit bigger.


Added: a new widget area below the site header appropriate for social media icons.
Tweaked template code and CSS for better consistency and improved visual experience.


First stable version.