Create staple data-types such as arrays, lists, sets, and maps with unprecedented ease using inline language pseudo-constructs – A feature Java should have had a long time ago.


CUTTS is a graphical timetable builder tailored for Carleton University. All course information is extracted in realtime from Carleton Central and the Undergrad Calendar.

PlanetJon Platform

A lightweight modern PHP framework for developing websites and web-driven apps. Significant features include a fully object-oriented design, easy class auto-loading, plugin bundling and loading, and MVC support.

Prioritize Hooks

Prioritize Hooks allows the overriding of the priority of various filters and actions hooked by plugins and themes.


Elegant and lightweight, Blogfolio is a responsive HTML5 theme for WordPress geared towards portfolio-based blogging.

also in this series banner

Also In This Series

Group related posts in a series with a custom Series taxonomy; embed in your content a list of all posts in the series.

The Rim Diary WordPress plugin

Track your Tim Hortons rim rolls and share your winnings with the world.