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Also In This Series for WordPress

Group related posts in a post series and automatically list all of the posts in the series as part of the content.

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Group related posts in a series. Automatically insert a list of all posts in the series as part of the content.
Manually embed a series listing with the provided shortcode and widget. Override the series template with a custom template.

A great rundown of the plugin is available on the Planetjon blog.


To manually insert the series listing of a post within a series as part of the content, use the shortcode .
This will have no effect if the post isn’t ikn a series.

To manually insert a specific series, use the series-slug attribute with the shortcode like .

The shortcode attributes are

  • series-slug=”slug”
  • use-frame=”yes|no”
  • frame-width=”number”
  • sort-order=”asc|desc”


A widget that exposes all of the above options is available.

Custom Template

If you’d like to use your own series listing template, you can either place a file also-in-this-series/serieslisting.php in your theme,
or use the alsointhisseries_template filter to provide an absolute path to a template.