[youtube http://www.youtube.com?v=nhnWIdX_vRw] The world watched with excitement today as Thorsten Heins, CEO of Rim, unveiled the much anticipated BlackBerry 10. A significant event, so significant that RIM has re-branded itself as BlackBerry to better focus on the branding and product. One brand, one promise.… Read the rest
BlackBerry 10 officially launches – Z10 and Q10 smartphones unveiled
A rather frustrating bug that I became aware of when generating navigational menus for custom post types using wp_list_pages(). The list entries aren’t decorated with useful classes denoting the current item, the parent item, and ancestor(s). Read about the issue here.… Read the rest
wp_list_pages() not setting .current_page_item classes on custom post types
A tale of toil, coaxing life into a long retired PC.
The Frankenstein
Some winter photos to bring in the end of the year. And with that, I bid you adieu until next year.… Read the rest
The last post of 2012
This guide will show you how you might create a gallery layout with “cards” of fixed widths and variable height.
How to make a flowing CSS gallery layout
WordPress 3.5 should be launching sometime today, and I’ve been quite pleased with the release candidates so far. This update really modernizes WordPress with much anticipated aesthetic and functional improvements. Lets take a look at what’s new. Revamped Media Management I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting frustrated with WordPress’ dinosaur media uploader and management, and they’ve finally breathed some modern magic into it.… Read the rest
What’s new in WordPress 3.5
So Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin has a somewhat annoying “bug”, or oversight rather , where it rewrites relative link URLS to full URLs, including anchors. For example, <a href="#anchor"> becomes <a href="https://planetjon.ca/blah/#anchor">. There is more information about this on the wordpress forums.… Read the rest
Yoast’s Google Analytics for WordPress plugin rewrites links bug
In WordPress, when you make a page or post you give it a title and a url (slug). If you decide to change the url later, WordPress has this convenient feature of remembering the old one and redirecting to the new url so that your links aren’t broken.… Read the rest
How to stop WordPress old url redirecting to new url
Can I come to your house and tell you what to do? This seems to trend every few months on Facebook, people copying and pasting some copyright message in their statuses. Unfortunately, this status will offer absolutely no legal protection for content that you post.… Read the rest
Posting copyrights in your Facebook status does nothing
BlackBerry 10 is Going to Have the Best Web Browser of Any Mobile Platform — Tech Vibes I’m not even a classic Blackberry fan and I’m starting to get pretty excited about BlackBerry. And so should you. Read the full article @ Tech Vibes  … Read the rest
Blackberry 10 browses like a boss
This has been circulating the internet and I’d like to share. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.… Read the rest
Understanding what’s important in life
While googling Larry Ullman’s book on the Yii framework recently, I found that it wasn’t prominent in the search results, so lets boost its SEO! :D If you like developing with PHP, Yii is definitely worth a look. The Yii Book is a good resource and example-filled manual covering the Yii Framework.… Read the rest
Larry Ullman’s Yii Framework book