Implementation isn't always clean. Sometimes you'll have to get your code dirty.
In your PHP classes, accessing all your private members
Enable WordPress AJAX requests to set the language locale through WPML with this small patch.
How to set the WPML language locale of an AJAX call
Track your Tim Hortons rim rolls and share your winnings with the world.
Tim Hortons Rim Diary WordPress plugin
Web Performance Tricks – Beyond the Basics
1Campus landing page
A guide to building a website from start to finish. Get your site out instead of your hair.
How I built a website in just one weekend
Learn how to submit File input through an AJAX webform the easy way.
Submit file input via AJAX with jQuery the easy way
My name is Maja and I'm trekking Mt Everest for a cause. Read my story!
Trekking Mt. Everest for a Cause!
The DeathAdder box.
I used to believe that these gaming mice were media-hyped gimmicks. I don't believe so anymore.
Boxing Day – NCIX Edition
The Voice Within (alto saxophone cover)
Having a fully translatable WordPress theme can save you a lot of work, and here's how.
Multilingual WordPress themes with I18n and L10n
Ghost blogging platform
Sometimes a blog is just a blog.
Ghost brings blogging back to its roots
Winamp icon
Well it’s been a great 15 years. On December 20 2013 Winamp, its website, and its related services will disappear according to a post on the official website. Gone but not forgotten, Winamp you will always be the King of MP3 players.… Read the rest
Say farewell to Winamp – the end of an era