I’m back!!! Didja miss me? Of course you did. Now, let me tell you about CDA 2007. Like all journeys, this one started with the first footstep (Dad lifting his right leg, moving it forward and placing it on the gas pedal).… Read the rest
CDA 2007
How Quake III SHOULD be
Fletcher wildlife park
Mike and Chris at OFSAA
Yeah I’ve been slacking. There hasn’t been that much to talk about. I’m taking two summer courses; one at Ottawa U and one at Carleton U. Woohoo for midterms. Last weekend was Stroll For liver and that was pretty fun. I even got to play some volleyball and publicly shamed myself with my “stellar” overhand serves.… Read the rest
Hodge Podge
HHHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP! I’m in an Ottawa U computer lab and it sucks. Who the hell books a tutorial at 8:00  am????? I wanna have a nice chat with the scheduling office, and explain how most of us prefer to sleep in (comp sci students ARE nocturnal after all).… Read the rest
Total n00bage
People who know me might be aware that my alias is Mallorick79. The thing with mysterious names is they hold many secrets. Sorry to disappoint, as far as I know, ‘Mallorick’ has none. It’s just a cool name, simple as that, and I “think” I invented that name – at the time of creation, there was only 1 google entry, and there is still less than a page of results, half belonging to me.… Read the rest
Finally a real update to the site. First of all, lets have some tribute to the wonderdrug! Hooray for Bawls. So, life has been busy with projects and tests so the blog has been bleeding. However, exams aren’t over yet and funtime is still limited.… Read the rest
Sudoku 3004
As some may know, I am a hardware enthusiast. Some might also know that my pc is historically named xiO. I saw an offer on Ebay for an Athlon64 FX-55, one of AMD’s VERY high-end CPUs, around December 14th and this set in motion a system upgrade.… Read the rest
Building xiO 2.5
CUTC 2007 rocked my socks! Man what a weekend it was. I was naive – I would have ever thought that a technology conference would be so fun! The keynote speakers were quite good, and I even discovered several companies that offer very tempting senior co-op placements.… Read the rest
CUTC 2007
To all my loyal readers, and friends whom I have forced the Planet Jon URL upon via MSN, Merry Christmas! What I want to know is, where the heck is the snow? I have NEVER had a green Christmas in Ottawa before.… Read the rest
Christmas 2006
May 1st, 2006: Fresh out of year 2, I arrived at the doorstep of NavCanada; tired, naive, and wondering how long it would be before I was shown the door. It was my first day of co-op and I was quite aprehensive.… Read the rest
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