Do you know what Condoms and Kodak have in common? They both capture that special moment! Using my Canon and a condom (they go well together), I have attempted to capture special moments underwater! Yes, I’m one kinky SOB. As you’ve made it through my risqué introduction, I might as well explain what I’ve been up to lately.… Read the rest
DIY: Waterproofing a camera
Feed the birds
I love Coca-Cola. I know some people just can’t see the big deal between Pepsi and Coke but as a seasoned drinker, I know. Pepsi just isn’t as good – it’s more sugary with a more sickeningly sweet flavour. Coke has a more complex taste.… Read the rest
The Coke is a lie
I’m a performance freak when it comes to computers. Granted, my desktop receives a LOT more optimization tweaks to squeeze out those extra frames in games, but there are some basic procedures that everyone should execute now and then to avoid having your computer run at snail’s pace.… Read the rest
I heard about this JUMP program through work at IBM and figured I might as well give something back to the community and so I ended up at an elementary school this morning, ready to teach grade 2s about basic fractions math, and how to count and perform basic arithmetic of need be.… Read the rest
Tasty fractions
I actually got back on the weekend and have been in hiding. The holiday was great and I have so much to say but not tonight. Gotta sleep or I won’t have too much to say at work tomorrow either, which I’m sure won’t amuse my employer.… Read the rest
Back from jolly old England
And believe me, we had all we could eat. Watashitachi ga takusan sushi o tabemashita! My brothers’ birthday was on Wednesday so I took them out for dinner at Sushi Kan, which in my opinion has fabulous service, and sushi of course:D It’s a buffet, how can you go wrong?… Read the rest
Sushi buffet – All you can eat!
Learn how to make a crumpled paper effect with Photoshop.
Parchment tutorial in Photoshop
Peace to you my friends. Amidst turmoil and hatred, we need to put down the sword and think about love and acceptance of one another if we are to progress. Religion or not, I have faith that love and acceptance are concepts which we can all embrace.… Read the rest
Happy Easter
Sunset from 9th Floor
Learn Japanese fast