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How to use SEO to increase traffic to your blog

A few simple but effective ways of increasing your SEO, encouraging more and more visits to your website.

Search Engine Marketing

Looking to attract more visitors to your blog? Welcome to the world of SEO. Traffic is what bloggers ultimately want, it’s what everyone owning a website wants: increased views of the content that you have proudly published. I mean, why else would we have put it up on the net other than to be viewed?

There are many techniques that can be applied to improving your SEO, making your blog better known to the internet. I am about to share with you a few tips on how to improve your blog readership through writing and e-socializing. They are easy to follow and wont cost you a thing. Best of all, they will increase traffic to your blog.

Make it hot

A great way to increase site traffic is to write about topics that are current and relevant to society, be it news, consumer-related information, solutions to common problems, useful services, etc. I’m not suggesting that you be a sell out and make Justin Bieber the focus of every article but rather to pick something in your field of interest and area of expertise that people are likely to be interested in. See, I’m a technology & internet enthusiast and you’re definitely reading this article. While a good bar story, you would less likely want to read about or at least be searching for how I wrote this article at a local bar & bistro The Atomic Rooster over a pint of Warsteiner on my Eee Pad. See what I mean?

Write with purpose, write it well

It is important to present your content well. While this may not necessarily increase site traffic in itself, lack of clarity in either the focus of your article, the points made, or both will annoy readers, get you mentally labelled as a rubbish writer, and discourage return visits. The key to clarity lies in good organization. Use proper writing techniques! Don’t be shy in using paragraphs to separate ideas. Outline your article’s sections and subsections with headers – this subtle assistive technique really helps readers in following your article, even if they won’t consciously appreciate it.

Relevance and repetition

The singular best way to boost the SEO of your article is through the title of your article! I cannot stress enough how significantly important this is. This is your sales pitch, your advertising campaign, your one big shot at persuading the reader to follow the link from the search engine to the article. Make it good; summarize the entirety of the article into this title, using the most relevant keywords of the topic. To strengthen the relevance of these keywords, it’s a good idea to reuse them throughout your article. If they were well chosen, this should come naturally through introductions, through points made, through summary and recapitulation of sections, and through conclusions. These are devices of good writing, and repetition is often used to strengthen and highlight an element. However, don’t overdo it – it is offensive to ram your keywords haphazardly into the article and this will likely turn readers away! SEO It isĀ  unpleasant SEO to read the word SEO every 3 SEO words!

Build online presence

The old adage, “In giving do we receive” holds true on the internet – contributing to online sources will get you known. You can think of posting on forums and commenting on another blogger’s articles as leaving a calling card. It allows for people to discover you as well as where to read more of your opinion. An added bonus, it also helps build your site’s search-engine rating through the callback link to your site! If Google finds your website’s URL on a well-known website, there’s a big boost to your PageRank rating for ya.

Share and share alike

The internet is all about sharing resources and there are just so many services that can be leveraged for sharing your blog links. Social media is an incredibly powerful syndication tool that should be used to its full potential. Share your links on Facebook and Google+, Tweet about your new blog article, get the attention of thousands of readers on reddit and digg, list your blog on LinkedIn, and don’t forget to tell your family and close friends about your blog by word of mouth, the good old-fashioned way. If you happen to find a discussion in a forum or a blog article written by someone else that is relevant to one of yours, certainly go ahead and, in a tactful manner, mention your article along with a link to it.

Awesome, you made it to the end like a champion! Hopefully you enjoyed my article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Good luck to you on increasing traffic to your blog – let me know how it works out for you. Leave a few words along with your blog and I’ll check it out. Who knows, you might get other visitors as well:)