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A Weekend on Wanapitei Lake

So last weekend was pretty awesome – an adventure of sorts. Envision a weekend of fun under the sun with my bros and friends at a cottage, cases of beer at our disposal, iPods loaded with music, and the picture-perfect scenery of Wanapitei lake.… Read the rest

East meets West: sitting in an airport

Afternoon My family and I are taking a vacation, destination: China. It’s 1:00 and here I am sitting in the Maple Leaf lounge, surfing the net and nursing a rye & ginger while I wait with great anticipation. A country of such lengthy history, fascinating culture, and sheer size – how will I even break the tip on this iceberg?… Read the rest

Eurotrip 2009 – Prague

  The first city on the tour – Prague, Czech Republic. We flew straight from Ottawa to Frankfurt, Germany, where I had slight trouble with the security officer. Their metal detectors are VERY sensitive and the studs in my jeans set it off.… Read the rest

Back from jolly old England

I actually got back on the weekend and have been in hiding. The holiday was great and I have so much to say but not tonight. Gotta sleep or I won’t have too much to say at work tomorrow either, which I’m sure won’t amuse my employer.… Read the rest

Homeward Bound

The weekend past was rather eventful – the perfect way to end a swell holiday. Friday was Dad’s birthday and we went to… Bert’s Bar! Furthermore, Bert happens to be the brother of our pharmacist, and both brothers are good childhood friends of my Dad.… Read the rest

The Woodpecker’s Pub

Owwwww. Retrospectively, trying to get my money’s worth when arriving with only an hour of free drinks left wasn’t such a hot idea. Topping it off with a few beers at my cousins’ beach house shortly afterwards was even worse. Mind you, a great concoction was conceived last night – Sprite & (Banks) beer.… Read the rest

Fun in the sun

And perhaps a bit too much, because now I am totally sunburned from head to toe, despite wearing sunscreen. Yesterday was a blast though; my family and I (cousins and brothers) took a scenic cruise up the west coast of the island on a Catamaran.… Read the rest


Man today was awesome. I’m a bit tired and washed out, but here goes. We woke up at 6:00 to get ready, got sunscreened and costumed up and took a bus to the starting point for 7:30. our band marched around on the stage a bit (my family saw us on local TV) and then we commenced our streetdance to Spring Gardens from 8:30 to 1:30.… Read the rest