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The trickle, the flood!

How was your weekend?

I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. Gommen nasai. So, I had some interesting mail; Phil’s postcard from Kenya arrived, including insightful gems of wisdom. I’ll keep those in mind should I ever decide to tour Africa. My laptop also arrived – yes that’s right, I finally won a laptop bid on Ebay.… Read the rest

CDA 2007

I’m back!!! Didja miss me? Of course you did. Now, let me tell you about CDA 2007. Like all journeys, this one started with the first footstep (Dad lifting his right leg, moving it forward and placing it on the gas pedal).… Read the rest

Mike and Chris at OFSAA

Shazam. My pole-vaulting, trash-talking, Ottawa U bound giants of brothers made it all the way to OFSAA for pole-vaulting. OFSAA is the Ontario-wide finals in high school athletics. It is the highest ranked event for highschool athletics and trust me, if you make it you are the crème de la crème.… Read the rest

Sudoku 3004

Finally a real update to the site. First of all, lets have some tribute to the wonderdrug! Hooray for Bawls. So, life has been busy with projects and tests so the blog has been bleeding. However, exams aren’t over yet and funtime is still limited.… Read the rest

The last page of a chapter

May 1st, 2006: Fresh out of year 2, I arrived at the doorstep of NavCanada; tired, naive, and wondering how long it would be before I was shown the door. It was my first day of co-op and I was quite aprehensive.… Read the rest

A trip to Montreal

You guys will never guess what I did with my weekend >.> You see, I have this awesome friend named Marion who lives in Montreal. As she lives kinda far away, hanging out is somewhat difficult. To make a short story shorter, I had some free time on my hands this weekend and seized the opportunity.… Read the rest