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Anything. Everything.

The Coke is a lie

I love Coca-Cola. I know some people just can’t see the big deal between Pepsi and Coke but as a seasoned drinker, I know. Pepsi just isn’t as good – it’s more sugary with a more sickeningly sweet flavour. Coke has a more complex taste.

Tasty fractions

I heard about this JUMP program through work at IBM and figured I might as well give something back to the community and so I ended up at an elementary school this morning, ready to teach grade 2s about basic fractions math, and how to count and perform basic arithmetic of need be.

Sunset from 9th Floor

Frugal, austere;a simple picture to shareTaken from Cognos’ 9th floorWhile waiting on the elevator door

Learn Japanese fast

I’ve decided to make an attempt at learning Japanese. I’ve wanted to for a while, and I saw an “Instant Immersion Japanese” pack at Costco, which boasted of learning Japanese fast. After 10 minutes of the first audio lesson, these were my thoughts.

Diamond Shreddies

I’m sure that we all have our favorite childhood cereals. My favorites were always Corn Flakes, Shreddies, Rice Crispies and Cheerios. Things change, however; I haven’t had corn flakes for a LONG time and I didn’t see them in Loblaws or Costco recently.

Pacman is gone?

I went to launch my current favorite Facebook application, u-arcade’s pacman, and was greeted with this cheerless message.Dear users – we have been asked by Bandai to remove Pacman from Facebook. So around 2-3pm PST today we will be taking Pacman off the application and replacing it with other games.