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The recipe said to separate two eggs, but it didn’t specify how far apart…

Szechuan steak stir fry

Szechuan steak stir fry

And for tonight’s dinner, Szechuan steak stir fry. Mmmmm I do love Asian cuisine. Sorry, no recipe for this one either, although I did loosely base my ingredients off this guide for spicy Szechuan stir fry found on Honestly this isn’t a food blog, although I will continue to post photos of my culinary adventures.… Read the rest
Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken

Another of my kitchen creations as I teach myself how to cook. I didn’t have peppers or broccoli so I had to improvise with peas. I also made a jello mousse but that was consumed with gusto before I remembered my camera.… Read the rest

Pad Sew, with some Tang

Hey guys, my good friend Lina has started a food blog to share her culinary adventures and you should check it out. Do you like Pad Sew? Follow the easy steps steps in Lina’s homemade recipe and you’ll be cooking with tang!… Read the rest

ZaZaZa – Pizza with Pizazz

Just three words: damn good pizza You’ve been to The Works (and you better try it out if you haven’t or else) and dined on gourmet burgers of the most creative and wildly imaginative kind. The creator of The Works now proudly presents to you Zazaza, pizzas of the most creative and wildly imaginative kind.… Read the rest

Super Duper Egg Breakfast

Merry Christmas to all!!! May the season bring you joy, good health and good fortune. This morning I made breakfast for my family. On the menu was eggs, eggs, and eggs (simple, fast and about the only thing I’m fully competent with in the kitchen) So I went for scrambled eggs.… Read the rest