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Asus Eee Pad transformer issue: keyboard dock not charging

Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Don’t Panic!

If you are the proud owner of an Asus Eee Pad Transformer and this title applies to you, don’t panic just yet – the battery may not be paperweight.

As with many modern devices, the keyboard dock utilizes smart charging, a feature that prevents overcharging. It appears that there is a bug in the firmware that causes the dock to believe that it is charged when it is in fact drained, leading to it not accepting any charge. Fortunately, the latest firmware seems to correct this aberrant behaviour!

Update the tablet!

Connect the Eee Pad to the keyboard dock and acquire the latest firmware for the Eee Pad. You can do so through Settings > About Tablet > System Firmware Update. Restart the device and attempt charging the unit through the keyboard dock again.

Test the battery!

A wonderful app for monitoring battery life is Dual Battery Widget, freely available in the Android Market. Simply install and place the widget on one of the desktops to monitor the battery life of both the tablet and the keyboard dock (when connected).

This information was of great use to me this week, and I pass it on with hopes that it will help many others sleep easy.

17 thoughts on “Asus Eee Pad transformer issue: keyboard dock not charging

        • Check near the clock, where notices pop up. See if there is any pending message about the firmware. If there is none, it might be best to contact Asus support at this point.

  1. hello, i can not turn my pad on as when i connect my charger the light is green which means 95-100% charge and i know it was between 10-20% when i last used it, how can i get it turned on/

    • I’ve never been in the situation where the tablet was charged and the dock had no charge. I imagine that the tablet should start to power the dock instead but this is speculation. Will the tablet turn on by itself?

  2. The firmware update hasn’t fixed the issue on my transformer. I have the latest firmware and the dock hasn’t charged for a week now after the battery on my transformer was drained.

  3. This is an old post but at the end it just says great I am glad your keyboard is not a paperweight anymore… Was the solution just to send it back for a rma? or am I just missing the answer. BTW I just bought a refurbished one and updated it to ics when it started up and wondered if that is why but I have 0 percent on the dock and 100 on the pad so was looking for a solution to this and found this discussion. Kinda doubt anyone will monitor this but its worth a try.. Tia

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