Posted: February 2012

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Now Available

This just in, Microsoft has released its Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Read all about the new features, watch the demo videos, and even grab yourself a copy for testing. Wanna see the goodies coming down the pipeline without installing the consumer preview?… Read the rest
Tim Hortons roll up the rim to win

The Rim Diary

RRR. RRRRR. RRRRRRRRR! RRROLL UP THE RIM TO WINNNNN! Yes, it’s that time of year again! Are you ready to Roll Up The Rim To Win? Tim Hortons is in season 🙂 It’s the game that holds a special place in every Canadian’s heart, a sure sign that Spring is on the way, and one of my favourite indulgences.… Read the rest

Pad Sew, with some Tang

Hey guys, my good friend Lina has started a food blog to share her culinary adventures and you should check it out. Do you like Pad Sew? Follow the easy steps steps in Lina’s homemade recipe and you’ll be cooking with tang!… Read the rest

Phoenix Big Band Album Launch

Congrats to Phoenix Big Band on their first album release! I won’t lie, The Atomic Rooster was bumping on Sunday night past with their Food Bank fundraiser and CD launch double whammy! And just who is Phoenix Big Band? We are a semi-professional big band in the Ottawa area.… Read the rest