Really? A 290 pound man couldn’t fit into booth, sues White Castle

A man is suing the White Castle chain, claiming the booths in one of its hamburger restaurants are too small… Sept 14 2011

Really? I’m all for accommodating people with disabilities but meet us halfway! I’m sorry but if you’ve got some extra bulk on you, don’t throw it around as a crutch for a cashgrab.

White Castle lawsuit article

Embarrassed? Dude you publicly squeezed yourself into a place you knew would be a tight fit and then topped it off by bumping your own knees and looking around to blame someone; I’d be embarrassed too!

I’m tired of this ignorant north American mentality where individuals never expect to be accountable for their follies. Look, the blame can’t always be passed to somebody else; be the big person and admit, “Yup, I screwed up.”

An additional news source indicates that the White Castle location in discussion does indeed have alternative seating options on request. Drawing for this additional news source, it seems that part of Mr. Kessman’s lawsuit is attacking White Castle’s lack of response in remodeling their locations to provide roomier accommodations.

Come on man, you are aware that remodeling all of their 420 locations is an expensive business expense that can’t happen overnight, right? Besides that, why should they necessarily bend over backwards for you? Being accommodating is one thing but enough is enough! Should restaurants start using LED candles out of fear that someone might put their hand over the flame, burn themselves, and file a lawsuit?

Seriously, enough is enough!