East meets West: sitting in an airport


My family and I are taking a vacation, destination: China. It’s 1:00 and here I am sitting in the Maple Leaf lounge, surfing the net and nursing a rye & ginger while I wait with great anticipation.

A country of such lengthy history, fascinating culture, and sheer size – how will I even break the tip on this iceberg?

The following morning or evening

It depends on which country’s timezone you choose to use. Either way, flying to Beijing aint not walk down the road. Flying from Ottawa and heading west across Canada, I was surprised to see that we were flying over the arctic! I suppose it’s not so surprising – the route may look strange on a flat map but the projecting the globe usually does skew perspective.

On the airplane I opted for the movie option over sleeping, managing no less than 5 movies: Dinner for Smucks, I am number 4, No Strings Attached, The Town, and Gujlliver’s Travells. Allnighters and I are well acquainted but I’m beat so it’s bedtime for now. More later!