Posted: May 2011

East meets West: sitting in an airport

Afternoon My family and I are taking a vacation, destination: China. It’s 1:00 and here I am sitting in the Maple Leaf lounge, surfing the net and nursing a rye & ginger while I wait with great anticipation. A country of such lengthy history, fascinating culture, and sheer size – how will I even break the tip on this iceberg?… Read the rest

Clean Code

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship Frustrated with your code? Wondering how on earth your own solution works? It doesn’t need to be so; reading code should and can be like reading a good story, its tale unfolding in vivid detail with each line.… Read the rest

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Programming Languages A great book that introduces the reader to several programming language paradigms. While it has received some criticism for not adequately covering any language in detail or with much formality, that was never the intent of the book.… Read the rest

WordPress? wtf!

It’s true. While I have thoroughly enjoyed working with PlanetJon Platform, I have finally decided to use a more feature-rich framework and chose WordPress for its extensive community support.… Read the rest

Just Know Computers

Did You Know? With modern technology it is possible to have a technician resolve computer problems and demonstrate useful tricks all without intruding the privacy of your home! Just Know Computers is a Florida based tech and web service company whose mission is to bring you service and commitment that no one else can.… Read the rest