Posted: March 2011

Internet Explorer 9 launches

Microsoft has recently launched Internet Explorer 9! And boy have they come a long way with their browser – you’ll find that IE9 is actually surprisingly capable. Try it out and see for yourself. In other news, PlanetJon has an Adam-approved RSS feed at long last, making the PlanetJon experience more convenient than ever before.… Read the rest

Fish SVN and Hulk! (oh my)

What do these three things have in common? Not a whole lot outside the scope of my weekend. But let me tell you about it like you’ve never heard before. First up, the Merivale Fish Market, a locally owned casual eatery which puts their money into the food rather than the front.… Read the rest

Shamrock Shake

It’s one of those days; catching up on the zzzzz, you awaken to the nearing of noon on a gentle winter’s day. The sun shning, the snow melting, the stomach growling. What to eat indeed. Eggs? Peanutbutter? Breakfast even? Nah, it’s too late for a petit dejeuner, and I want something more hearty anyway.… Read the rest