Good BJ at the mall

That’s right, Lina and I hit up Billings Bridge on Wednesday and we both had a Booster Juices 😛 I tried their current feature, the Cabana something and it was pretty good, with a blend of several fruits including blueberry! Nothing wrong with that.

Completely unrelated, I woke up at 3:00 am on Thursday morning and was very happy. Why, you might ask? Think of it like this – I still had a whole 4.5 hours to sleep! Seriously, I chuckled in delight to myself, right before rolling over and going back to sleep. A friend of mine and I talked about this a year or so ago and at the time, I recall not seeing anything to be happy about waking up at that ungodly hour and I must admit, it does seem a rather strange notion. Trust me though, knowing you still have hours to sleep is a most reassuring feeling at any hour of the day.