An eventful weekend


It started with Friday night of course, (weekends have 3 nights) – Mom was out so dad figured that my brothers, himself, and I should have a dinner out. The conveniently close Kelsey’s at Elmvale Mall was an ideal choice and won the vote unanimously.

The menu featured wings and ribs, a succulent combination! How could I not order that meal? My brothers thought so too, and so the order was very easy on our waitress. And then, it came down to the always difficult dessert problem, choosing one of the horribly tempting treats.

As we had but one desserts menu, my brothers took it upon themselves to explore all the options; the mousse cheesecake seemed to be the favoured contender and I couldn’t argue with that (I’m a big fan of cheesecake). Now the waitress came back and took orders; I didn’t really pay attention to what my brothers ordered, but assuming that the cheesecake was still the prime contender, I said I’d have what they were having. Oops…

Yeah, I got a bit more than a bit of cheesecake: chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie and icecream!!! As you can see, the cake was definitely a lie. Damnit Mike and Chris! Who the hell eats 3 desserts?!?!


The highlight of this fine day was my friend’s 21st birthday. That’s right, 21st on the 21st; how cool is that? The group of buddies we are, we headed downtown to Minglewoods to eat drink and be merry, with heavy, if a little much, emphasis on the drinking and being merry. Now I’m not going to sit here and talk about it – why would I when I can post some rather entertaining pictures that you would all much rather view anyway:P

Yes, it’s just a tease but if you have Facebook I promise there is a lot more where that came from. Lets be honest though, you gotta admit that I have sizable jugs eh;-)


Not too much happened today, I hung out with a friend I don’t see much of on account of her being at Waterloo, took a nice picture of the snowy landscape we Canadians take such pride in, and got contacted by KB of Farbrausch!!!!!

That’s right; my favorite DemoScene group! And take my word for it, they are the best – they blow my mind with every new demo. Except, it wasn’t anything important. KB stumbled upon my Youtube profile, saw that I had uploaded a recorded render of their demo FR-41 and asked that I put a link to a hi-def render he has on Youtube. But still, how freakin awesome is that?!! Definitely made my reading week. I know, I’m a big nerd:P