Coffee Addictions

I had no class today. I have no class on wednesday this semester in fact. Jealous? But today there was a Comp Sci coffee social. Poor turnout due to the strike, and all senior students having more or less the same schedule: no class on Wednesday.

I’m kinda wild about coffee as of the past year so naturally I showed up. I love a good coffee, when the aroma gently wafts over me and I just want to hold the cup and breathe it all in. It’s truly an amazing beverage; it’s sociable, great for restoring alertness, warming you up when it’s -23 celcius outside (and so it is today) and I even learned of a new use recently.

I was chatting with a friend about coffee the other day and she she mentioned that asians are big fans of coffee. Following through on that topic, she then offered some rather unusual advice. *dum dum dum* Cracked me up, it did. Here, see for yourself.

Dammit you figured out our weakness!!!! If you have an asian gf who is mad at you, caffeinate her and you’ll be in the clear!

Ahahaha “caffeinate her”, some very sound advice indeed eh. Yeah, I shall definitely try that next time I am dating an Asian girl and she’s upset on account of not being familiar with the workings of Caribbean time;-)