Posted: 2009

Eurotrip 2009 – Prague

  The first city on the tour – Prague, Czech Republic. We flew straight from Ottawa to Frankfurt, Germany, where I had slight trouble with the security officer. Their metal detectors are VERY sensitive and the studs in my jeans set it off.… Read the rest

Doo doo doo doo, always Coca-Cola

Finally, my breakfast coke, at 3:00 in the afternoon! How I have missed thee, sweet elixir of the gods. I’m actually really busy right now. Exam tomorrow, and project due thursday but rest assured, it contains hot women so how can I go wrong?… Read the rest

Good BJ at the mall

That’s right, Lina and I hit up Billings Bridge on Wednesday and we both had a Booster Juices 😛 I tried their current feature, the Cabana something and it was pretty good, with a blend of several fruits including blueberry! Nothing wrong with that.… Read the rest

An eventful weekend

Friday It started with Friday night of course, (weekends have 3 nights) – Mom was out so dad figured that my brothers, himself, and I should have a dinner out. The conveniently close Kelsey’s at Elmvale Mall was an ideal choice and won the vote unanimously.… Read the rest

Coffee Addictions

I had no class today. I have no class on wednesday this semester in fact. Jealous? But today there was a Comp Sci coffee social. Poor turnout due to the strike, and all senior students having more or less the same schedule: no class on Wednesday.… Read the rest

The best position in bed

In this post, I make no mention of sex, angry pirates, or arms? I was in bed the other night with a book and just couldn’t get into the mood to read it. I tried lying on a side with the book resting on the bed, I tried lying on a side while holding the book up, I tried lying flat on my back and holding the book up high, I even tried sitting up against my headboard but try as I may, I just could not get comfortable!… Read the rest