New Job!

Welcome to academic year 2008! However, I’m not back in class. That’s right; no homework, no assignments, etc:D I’m doing my second co-op placement, this time at Cognos as a web applications designer.

Web design has come a long long way over the last few years. I know, I remember the days of Netscape 3.0, and even before CSS was introduced. Tables all the way!!! *Hoping that Masha doesn’t read my blog*

Now, with javascript, CSS and other fancy technologies, your browser can be transformed from a static data display to a full-scale program. Of course, there is some latency as data is transferred, but just take a look at Google maps!

Even better is the continuously improving support for the W3 standard in browsers, facilitating cross-browser coding. Trust me, it used to be a nightmare, having to write separate code for all the major browsers, and determining which one is being used.

The unfortunate part of work is the hours. My body is used to waking up at 11:00 and sleeping at 2:00am; Cognos insists that I be there by 9:00, so you see the problem. I’m still adjusting so I’m gonna nod off.

I promised I would mention Lillian today; HEY LILLIAN!!!!!!!!!! This girl has an amazing synergy with Team Fortress 2 and all games. Not even I curse so fervently at the monitor 😉 Between her and The Heavy, it’s hours of guaranteed entertainment 😀