Homeward Bound

The weekend past was rather eventful – the perfect way to end a swell holiday. Friday was Dad’s birthday and we went to… Bert’s Bar! Furthermore, Bert happens to be the brother of our pharmacist, and both brothers are good childhood friends of my Dad. How cool is that? Bert is known worldwide for making the best daiquiris and while this was my first, it was a damn good first time. Yes, pictures of the legend himself were taken.

Saturday was my cousin’s 21st birthday and her parents threw an enormous family party, complete with open bar, caterers, a DJ and some short but cheeky speeches. We ate, drank and were very merry. Disappointingly, nobody was wasted enough to fall into the pool.

On Sunday, the family hired a catamaran as part of my cousin’s birthday celebration. It was mostly a repeat of the previous catamaran trip, but this time I tanned myself a lovely golden brown instead of an angry red. We did the Super Mable again, and my brothers fell off twice each. I was so busy laughing that I let go of the handles right as it was gaining speed again after picking up my brothers and rolled off the back. Serves me right. Oh ya, I found out that the big fish we spotted on the previous catamaran trip (and on this one) is a Turpin (not sure on the spelling).

Tonight was for farewells, and we just sat around chatting, playing XBox, and playing dominoes. Right now, I’m packing my luggage (the usual muscling the duffel bags shut) and not really looking forward to a long day on the airplane tomorrow (or later today, rather) but perhaps the in-flight movie will be decent. I’m sure gonna miss Barbados and especially my family, as I always do; parting is such sweet sorrow.