Fun in the sun

And perhaps a bit too much, because now I am totally sunburned from head to toe, despite wearing sunscreen. Yesterday was a blast though; my family and I (cousins and brothers) took a scenic cruise up the west coast of the island on a Catamaran. Gorgeous vegetation and beaches is an understatement. I took LOTS of pics, so expect good coverage on this one. And with a free bar and a rich lunch of salad, rice, macaroni pie, flying fish and roasted chicken, can you say service?

We anchored a few times to go snorkeling. At one point, we were right in the midst of a school of fish (not sure what kind) but it was a VERY big class;-) Kinda shameful though that I could not even touch one fish and they weren’t so small; about the size of my palm and a bit. I also saw a few sea turtles and even petted one:D There was also this really big fish that was almost 2 meters long. My cousin said it was a baby shark but knowing him, he was probably having one at my expense. Other highlights included a decently active coral reef and a small sunken ship.

Some of us tried this ride called the Mable, where you sit on a raft and get pulled around by a speedboat at top speeds. I think that was the single most exciting thing that I’ve done in a while, but I think I disappointed the boat driver because I didn’t fall off… Oh well, next time. Perhaps.