Barbados 2007 – The first few days

Alrighty. I’m back, digitally. Still in Barbados. We’re right in the middle of the Kadooment (Crop Over) festival, Barbados’ most important festival. Caribbeaners take festivals and parties MUCH more seriously than north american folk, so while Barbados could comfortably fit in Ottawa, there is more celebrating cumulatively than there is for Canada day πŸ˜€

Needless to say, they keywords are “Party Hearty” and the local bars are bringing home the bacon. I don’t usually join the bar party club, but this is certainly an exception – I’ve been twice in 3 days. I didn’t go last night because the fete that everyone went to was “too young for me.” However, I hear that my older cousins made an appearance (yeah some smartass teased them about being a bit too old for that particular event.

The first night at Harbour Lights (one of the better night clubs) was too cool. It was an allnighter, with free booze till 3:00 am. The party kept going until 7:00 am when they brought out the mud. That’s right. Everyone got all muddy and slimy, and then continued dancing until 10:00 am. Then, it was seabath time:D Nothing like having a club right onΒ  the beach.

Tonight, the partying was at Harbour Lights again, but this one didn’t go too late. It was kinda like a taste of things to come. As luck would have it, I kept seeing all my cousins and friends at the club, but never my bros, so they got worried and called me to the front desk right as I was getting a rum & coke after a 10 minute lineup at the bar. Thanks guys:P

Tomorrow is the big day – roadmarch. Everyone is gonna be in town dancing in the streets and there will be big costumed bands. In fact, I’m in one (along with my bros and cousins).