CDA 2007

I’m back!!! Didja miss me? Of course you did. Now, let me tell you about CDA 2007. Like all journeys, this one started with the first footstep (Dad lifting his right leg, moving it forward and placing it on the gas pedal). Yup, he drove us all the way to Toronto, a long journey made even longer by a First Nations protest closing off the highway. Anyway, we got there in the end.

Once gathered, our CDA crew (my brothers, children of other doctors attending, and myself) went to the Eaton’s Centre for some quality shopping. Naturally, the girls did most of the shopping but which guy is gonna object to watching sexy young women trying on clothing, particularly at Bikini Village. As I did co-op last summer my closet is full of workshirts, not quite the casual wear, so I bought some shirts too, as well as a pair of shorts. Funny story about the pants though. Old Navy was selling, but for some reason they only had size 35 and up, with the exception of size 28. I did read an article recently that discussed how statistically speaking, north americans are fat. I guess Old Navy did their readings too… As we were leaving Mike noticed that a mannikin was wearing what appeared to be my size. To cut a long story short, we stripped it (an arm fell off in the process) and they fit quite well. So if you see a mannikin wearing what you want, you know what to do now.

On Saturday, the young’uns went to Wonderland and I chilled with a friend that I hadn’t seen for 9 years. We walked around town while she delivered a…. a wealth of information concerning notable structures and sites. Yes, what an excellent guide she was 😛 That night, we went to the Royal Ontario Museum for a fabulous reception. Exquisite food, and lots of displays to discuss (like that happened).

Sunday, Canada Day. Woot woot! The funny thing is, there just wasn’t that much national pride downtown. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would have thought it was an ordinary sunday. Again, CDA organized a fancy dinner, this time at the Hockey Hall of Fame. They had these cool motion detector games up, one where you took shots on a digital goalie, and the other where you were the goalie and blocked shots from the digital players. I even saw the Stanley cups (the original and the current one). It belongs in Ottawa!!! We were sooo close. We chilled a bit in the hotel room afterwards watching TV, and then SOME PEOPLE developed cravings for McDonald’s and I had to escort them. It was kinda chilly that night, and nobody knew where a standalone MacDonald’s was (We found several McDicks that belonged to foodcourts and were closed) but we persevered and after an hour’s stroll, the golden arches revealed themselves. The journey was kinda creepy though; I swear we passed a hooker and some gang members. On the way back to the hotel, two guys in their mid 20s got called over and talked to by policemen for jay-walking. How embarrassing indeed…

Monday was way out. Awesome. Gnarly. We went to Niagara Falls Actually, it was more like we went IN to Niagara Falls. Maid of the Mist indeed. I won’t even try to describe it. The second half of the day wasn’t quite so hot though; we went to this Winery, Chateau Des Charmes I’m not a big wine fan for starters, and the wine tasting was not enjoyable at all. They started us off with a very average wine and in my opinion, each one was progressively worse. I swear, the last one was purple jesus without a doubt. The lunch they served was better though, roast beef sandwiches. I asked the tour guide to photograph our table, and she did so. Here’s the kicker, not only was mom cut out of the pic but so was I!!! How do you like that, the owner of the cam not being in the photo. I guess 4 people out of 6 isn’t that bad… That night, our friends’ parents took my brothers out for dinner, and I went with my parents to a rather upscale looking restaurant named Fisherman’s Wharf.

On Tuesday, they took us for a city bus tour, followed by ditching us in a pottery museum. Boredom and I became well acquainted, and he even taught me the history behind the word “grotesque”. When modern archeologists started finding burried palaces from the antiquity period, the sites were called grottos. It so happens that a lot of those deformed sculptures such as gargoyles were found in the grottos and called grotesque. The afternoon was much MUCH more entertaining though. At 346m high, how couldn’t it? That’s right, I went up to the observation deck of the CN Tower, the world’s tallest building at 553.33m high. It was so tight, yo!

Tuesday evening was one of the most memorable evenings I’ve had for a while – the President’s Ball. As mentioned before, dad was the president of the CDA this year, so while everyone got to sit back and enjoy their 5 course meal, dad was worked like a monkey, running to the podium to deliver speaches, and then rushing back to the table to hurriedly finish the current course before it was swept away by the waiters. My great aunt Kate, a semi-retired doctor was honoured with the president’s cup and her reaction was priceless as she realized that dad was talking about her, uttering a stunned “Oh shit!” Dinner out of the way, it was time for some boozing, smoozing, and cruising the dance floor. I had not been to a dance for 2 years, so I really cut loose. Might I add that I look damn sexy in a suit. To be honest, I have no idea how to dance. I taught myself by doing what everyone else is doing, and improvising when needed. Now it comes naturally and people mentioned that I danced well. I aint no king of the swing, but I guess I’m doing ok.

The rest of the late night/early morning was spent with goodbyes, pics, semi-coherent conversation and plans for get-togethers and next year’s CDA. Cheers to CDA 2007.