Mike and Chris at OFSAA

Shazam. My pole-vaulting, trash-talking, Ottawa U bound giants of brothers made it all the way to OFSAA for pole-vaulting.

OFSAA is the Ontario-wide finals in high school athletics. It is the highest ranked event for highschool athletics and trust me, if you make it you are the crème de la crème.

OFSAA was in Ottawa this year and has been going since thursday and today was the last day. I spent my afternoon at Terry Fox (by Mooney’s Bay) intently watching the polevault event while checking out the large and diverse selection of babes in their fitted track uniforms. See, I can so multitask – I even managed to take pics (of my bros, not the women). For the Hillcrest Gang, Richards & Monsour were there too.

So here we have some pics from the event. The guys in HHS uniform (red & yellow) are my brothers, the guy in green and white took second, and the dude in yellow and black is the monster who took first place