Hodge Podge

Yeah I’ve been slacking. There hasn’t been that much to talk about. I’m taking two summer courses; one at Ottawa U and one at Carleton U. Woohoo for midterms. Last weekend was Stroll For liver and that was pretty fun. I even got to play some volleyball and publicly shamed myself with my “stellar” overhand serves.

Small news, I am now the proud owner of a LEGAL copy of Office 2007 Student Edition. However, I also own a legal copy of X3 Office suite, so now I have a moral dilemma every time I wanna make a spreadsheet or type a document. Good thing I don’t have Open Office currently installed. Things would be rather hairy then…

For those interested, RB Computing is selling the student edition for $155. The sale ends on June 3rd, but I doubt the price will go back up; it’s been on permanent sale since February. details here

IMO, the highlight of the week was seeing a spoiled brat get what she had coming.

Look at that. Perhaps if Paris Hilton had remember that life isn’t a big party she wouldn’t
have this “anguish”. Besides, she’s probably not getting the full sentence, and I read that she’s being held in the VIP part of the jail, so suck it up!

I think that the quote that she can’t deal with the reality is the problem. When has she ever had to deal with reality?! With millions to spend, who needs real work? Life is a big carefree party right? I truly hope that she learns her lesson and has her eyes opened to the real world. Maybe she will even behave and set an example for the other boozers, Nicole Ritchie in particular.

Man oh man… what a pitiful conclusion to the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s almostĀ  embarrassing to call the Sens my team after tonight’s performance, falling over themselves, every man for himself free-for-all and in short, a noticeable lack of teamwork. The Ducks were a pretty rough team though, and a little more pep from the Sens wouldn’t have hurt either. You know, a jab here and there;-)