Total n00bage


I’m in an Ottawa U computer lab and it sucks. Who the hell books a tutorial at 8:00  am????? I wanna have a nice chat with the scheduling office, and explain how most of us prefer to sleep in (comp sci students ARE nocturnal after all).

So I’m a total n00b, apparently. I just wasted almost an hour on an assignment, trying to make a main program launch a process, and a monitoring process that would monitor and print the status of the first process. I tried everything, from changing the variable scoping, to changing the environment path. I even resorted to using the TA’s solution (how embarrassing) but that didn’t work either. Suk found the problem though. PBCAK (Problem Between Chair And Keyboard). yup, apparently I wasn’t typing the correct name of the program I wanted to launch and have monitored.

epic fail indeed 🙁