Christmas 2006

To all my loyal readers, and friends whom I have forced the Planet Jon URL upon via MSN, Merry Christmas! What I want to know is, where the heck is the snow? I have NEVER had a green Christmas in Ottawa before.

Winter is a strange season; one that brings about many contradicting sentiments. Here I am wishing that the city would be magically transformed into a winter wonder land (and the weather channel tells me that I may yet get my wish, all too soon), but in a month or two, you will almost certainly hear me muttering about the damn weather, the dangerous roads (but I doubt they will get any worse than they were on Friday) and how I can’t wait for a blistering hot summer.

With my stomach full of scrumptious turkey and a nice cup of coffee (Thanks Phil), and my wardrobe brought up to date thanks to my overly generous family (see picture below), I can’t help but think about those who are alone during this festive season, those who are less fortunate financially, and those who don’t have much to give thanks for. With the focus on extravagant presents, and the media hype of the spending frenzy that is referred to as Christmas (it sickens me), it seems that many are forgetting the true meaning of the holiday.

Everyone knows the religious claims behind the season, but regardless of one’s religion, Christmas is about love and goodwill. You don’t have to be a christian to know that it is common sense to help those who are less fortunate, and to care for those who are suffering.

I won’t deny it, I am very grateful for what I have received. However, I have not forgotten those who fall in any of the categories mentioned above. No, I can’t donate many milions that Bill Gates and his wife give to charity, and I really don’t have time to travel to poor countries doing missionary work, but my small donation will surely make at least one person happy. A small effort in itself, but imagine if everyone donated just a little bit. Calculus demonstrates us that small pieces indisputably add up significantly with sufficient amounts