The last page of a chapter

May 1st, 2006:

Fresh out of year 2, I arrived at the doorstep of NavCanada; tired, naive, and wondering how long it would be before I was shown the door. It was my first day of co-op and I was quite aprehensive. Sure, I talked big at the interview, and with some luck, the position was mine. But, could I really do what was entailed in my contract? I had NEVER designed something so large-scale, something so formal, something so amazing.

In a stupor, I was shown around the complex, and introduced to important people, people whose names I ought to remember. My brain was only now realizing that I was in the work force now. This wasn’t the usual “read a few pages, write a few lines, and hand it in” business; this was the real world, with real deadlines, real expectations, and real responsibilities!

My reputation needed to be built, and maintained. I was desperate to please…

December 21nd, 2006:

What a absolutely fantastic 8 months it has been. The swell people I’ve met,
the well-appreciated software that designed, the little things lessons of life that I learned, and the wealth of knowledge that I’ve acquired – So much has happened that I hardly know where to begin (heck, I hardly know how to stop either;-) ). I’ve had my first real taste of the work environment and I liked it! My reputation is established, and the people at NavCanada have come to expect only quality-tested, high-performance software.

But, like all chapters in the book of my life, the last page is turning, and I’ll be reading from a new chapter soon. As enjoyable as it was, I’m not quite ready for full-time work, yet. My heart still yearns for a few more years of freedom; for the rythm of university. I need more of those late nights finishing projects, more of that stale lounge air, more random food orders, more of that Big-Man-On-Campus feeling, and even the courses that I will surely complain about all too soon. However, there will always be a piece of NavCanada with me – the memories that I take with me will be cherished forever. I’ll miss you guys: Elie with his jokes, Mike with his evil act (he’s actually a nice man, but shhh), Donnie, Stan, & Pej with their random visits to the “Party Cubicle”, and even Michelle’s laugh (but I’m sure that I’ll still hear it at Carleton). It will certainly take a while becoming used to no longer hearing that all-too-familiar “So…?” that Vlad is notorious for, as well as the expected barbs from Jim and Steve. When it’s quiet, the “clip-clop” of Audrey’s high-heel shoes will echo in my head. Wi-Gi-man and Snookers, how could I ever forget you two;-). Paul, all I have to do is think about Windows Vista and a mini-you will manifest above my right shoulder, shaking its head in disappointment.

And hey, good-byes aren’t forever (All dogs go to Heaven). Who knows? Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future