How TV has degenerated

There used to be such amazing TV 50 years ago. Black & white was the best. Comedians that were actually funny, slapstick humour, cheesy sci-fi movies whose budget was smaller than a McCain’s PizzaPocket but somehow managed to be engrossing (Anyone seen “Plan 9 from outer Space”?) and all that jazz.

Nowadays, I’m afraid to turn on the TV for fear of what I might see. For example, last night I turned on the TV just in time to see MTV playing some video of a cat masturbating, followed by something to do with a latino girl whimpering while a cow left her room (I wasn’t wearing my glasses so wasn’t able to tell what was happening, but I’m sure that I was better off that way) Does this disturb anyone else? I don’t think I’ll have the guts to watch TV for a while after last night’s trauma…

I swear, I’m gonna invent some fancy gizmo that only allows the TV to be turned on when MXC, Futurama, Family Guy or action movies on SuperStation are playing. I guess some intelligent comedy filter would be useful for the comedy network; Just For Laughs and Russel Peters are pretty entertaining, but there aren’t enough rotten tomatoes on this planet to chuck at quite a few individuals (and they got paid???)

Hmmm now I’m thinking of that Simpsons Episode where Sideshow Bob hates TV and wants to take out Crusty… I hear ya, Bob.