LXC 06/11/11

And after a long rest to recover from yesterday’s gaming marathon madness, the blog is finally being updated. IMO, this was the best LXC ever with 6 gamers and 6 PCs, a record attendance. After the customary delay in starting the event (there is ALWAYS a delay at the LXC event, be it people missing software, network setup, seating, or people being late) we started with the fabled Quake 3, a must at every event. The competition was particularly fierce this year and no one in particular dominated the event, although I did get creamed in one match when Deth took possession of the Quad Damage early on in the match. Overall, I was surprised to have held my own considering that I haven’t played firstperson shooters for some time. Our newest member, Omega, proved to be quite the warrior, and put up a tough fight. Even Lillian did pretty well considering that she never plays and got into the habit of shooting me off the edge in the map “The longest yard”.

Up next was Flatout 2, where the purpose is not so much to win but rather to wreck everyone else’s car on the way to the finish line. This game was played for the rest of the event, and there were some very interesting and unexpected races. The highlights include
one race where everyone’s car was wrecked except mine and Lillian’s, but ours were both in bad shape. Barely able to drive, I managed to do my last 2 laps (almost). As I approached the finish line on my 4th, Lillian came out of nowhere, still on her 3rd lap, and plowed my car, which blew up. Cheers and clapping from everyone else were quite audible and she continued onwards to finish the race, after 9 long minutes.

Other exciting events included a wrecking derby where everyone picked the flatmobile, a car that makes The Flash look slow. Naturally, it was quite hard to manoeuver, and the match was spent trying just to control the vehicle. During one race, everyone chose sports cars except Kazuya, who picked the truck and decided to plow people off the road instead of race.

In yet another race, everyone chose School Buses except for Lillian who chose a small car. Needless to say, she didn’t fare too well…:P

On a sidenote, PureCar!b swears that next event, he will beat Deth in a race.

The customary pizza dinner isn’t really an event but as usual, Kazuya ate enough pizza to feed a small village. He did bring his James Bond collection, and played them during the entire event, so during dinner we actually took the time to watch a few. For the record, that “famous stunt” wasn’t so special but they did use quality sound effects:D .

After dinner, there was some UT2K4 played, but nothing too serious, as the attention was being directed to Mr. Bond and Goodnight. I didn’t actually participate but I heard a good deal of trash talking coming from Kazuya’s corner of the room. Yoh responded by giving him a good punch in the arm and Kazuya whined for the rest of the evening :P:P:P . (just kidding about the whining)

Thanks for coming guys (and girl). LXC will come again!