Posted: November 2006

A trip to Montreal

You guys will never guess what I did with my weekend >.> You see, I have this awesome friend named Marion who lives in Montreal. As she lives kinda far away, hanging out is somewhat difficult. To make a short story shorter, I had some free time on my hands this weekend and seized the opportunity.… Read the rest

Mike and Chris, track superstars

And so I came home from work tonight to the shouts of delight. It seems that Queens University has become interested in my brothers’ athletic talents and would like them to attend Queens. For those who don’t know, my brothers are quite the enthusiasts when it comes to track and field.… Read the rest

How TV has degenerated

There used to be such amazing TV 50 years ago. Black & white was the best. Comedians that were actually funny, slapstick humour, cheesy sci-fi movies whose budget was smaller than a McCain’s PizzaPocket but somehow managed to be engrossing (Anyone seen “Plan 9 from outer Space”?) and all that jazz.… Read the rest

LXC 06/11/11

And after a long rest to recover from yesterday’s gaming marathon madness, the blog is finally being updated. IMO, this was the best LXC ever with 6 gamers and 6 PCs, a record attendance. After the customary delay in starting the event (there is ALWAYS a delay at the LXC event, be it people missing software, network setup, seating, or people being late) we started with the fabled Quake 3, a must at every event.… Read the rest