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true north php

True North PHP – day 1

Touched a MS Surface!!

Satirical opening keynote – Why PHP could be the most important programming language in the world (@raganwald)

  • PHP gets things done!
  • PHP is the best
  • PHP is the worst
  • Innovation is like a lottery ticket
  • Important to note, quick gratification encourages curious minds

Avoiding the OWASP Top 10 security exploits (@mark_story)

  • Sanitize your inputs
  • Don’t filter, escape!
  • Don’t trust user input. Users are all brain eating zombies.

Being a good Open Source contributor (@jmikola)

  • Get involved!
  • Documentation counts
  • Support the project
  • questions  < bug reports < patches
  • Bug report with reproducible test case is better

Caching with Memcached (@iliaa)

  • memcache vs memcached
  • add, delete, set
  • Share load across multiple hosts
  • Can use specific server
  • Careful about stacking server pool
  • Caching, modula vs clock cache
  • Can do asynchronous operations
  • Atomic operations & synchronized comparison
  • Auto-namespaced keys, good for forks
  • Compressed storage option for conserving net IO (fastlz better than gzip)
  • igbinary serialization (faster/smaller than native php serialize)
  • Can do cache server authentication
  • Can hook sessions into memcached through ini
  • Cache stored only in memory, an elephant never forgets

Yii Introduction to the Yii Framework (version 2) (@LarryUllman)

  • Huzzah :D Yii2 still mysterious :(

Building PHP Applications on Windows Azure (@SyntaxC4)

  • Free trial, go wild
  • Really nice web UI
  • Powerful console tools
  • Scale on demand
  • VMs not tied into Azure (VHD format)
  • Can use your choice of DB or hook into Azure DB

ORMs don’t kill your database, developers do! (Guilherme Blanco)

  • Please, the coffee!
  • Can cache at schema level, query level, and result set level

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