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True North PHP Con

Well True North PHP is going on this weekend and I’m totally stoked. I’ve been a PHP enthusiast for a while and always a bit envious of all the wonderful sounding PHP conferences around the word that are a bit far for my reach. And now there is a PHP con near Toronto hosted at a Microsoft office, one that I can easily attend. Yipee!

Prepping my laptop, there are a few tools that will come in handy. WAMP Server for creating a test server, especially with PHP support. Trusty¬† Notepad++ for hacking away at code. Aptana for improved project management and high-level code operations. A clean Yii Framework project skeleton, handy for one of my anticipated talks by Larry Ullman about the framework and possibly the upcoming 2.0. Tortoise SVN because it’s a good idea to have versioning when development is going on. IrfanView for batch processing photos. Hey it’s a con, you never know.

I think I’m good to go. Am I missing anything?

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