Play Super Hexagon
Super Hexagon is the kind of game you’re going to pass off to your friends and say, ‘You’ve gotta check this out.’ It’s dangerously addictive. — IGN 9/10 Super Hexagon is riveting and frustrating. You need to try it. Put yourself in a state of meditation and focus on the now.… Read the rest
Super Hexagon is what the real men are playing these days
thermaltake armor jr.
Kotaku: How To Build A Great Gaming PC For Under $700
3Dmark 2013 is now out – download it and make your gaming rigs cry. I ran the benchmark on my rig at stock settings and you can see below my scores and rig specs. My current rig CPU: Intel Core i7-930 Processor @ 2.8GHz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 @ core 900MHz, mem 1050MHz RAM: 6x 1GB DDR3 @ 533MHz HD: 255GB Plextor PX-256M5S SSD OS: Win7 64bit Score: 99314 Graphics Score:184875 Physics Score: 37909 Score: 13889 Graphics Score: 26924 Physics Score: 5155 Score: 3025 Graphics Score: 3237 Physics Score: 7271 Combined Score: 1279 My impression The eye candy was sexy but I can’t say that I was overly impressed with the tests themselves.… Read the rest
Get excited, 3DMark 2013 is here
Thorsten Heins unveils the BB10
Thorsten Heins unveils BlackBerry 10 at the live webcast launch event. The world watched with excitement today as Thorsten Heins, CEO of Rim, unveiled the much anticipated BlackBerry 10. A significant event, so significant that RIM has re-branded itself as BlackBerry to better focus on the branding and product.… Read the rest
BlackBerry 10 officially launches – Z10 and Q10 smartphones unveiled
prying apart the ramsink with plyers
A tale of toil, coaxing life into a long retired PC.
The Frankenstein
The last post of 2012
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas in this blessed season. May warmth and joy find you, and may friends and family not be far.… Read the rest
Merry Christmas 2012
WordPress 3.5 should be launching sometime today, and I’ve been quite pleased with the release candidates so far. This update really modernizes WordPress with much anticipated aesthetic and functional improvements. Lets take a look at what’s new. Revamped Media Management I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting frustrated with WordPress’ dinosaur media uploader and management, and they’ve finally breathed some modern magic into it.… Read the rest
What’s new in WordPress 3.5
Facebook Logo
Can I come to your house and tell you what to do? This seems to trend every few months on Facebook, people copying and pasting some copyright message in their statuses. Unfortunately, this status will offer absolutely no legal protection for content that you post.… Read the rest
Posting copyrights in your Facebook status does nothing
BlackBerry 10 is Going to Have the Best Web Browser of Any Mobile Platform — Tech Vibes I’m not even a classic Blackberry fan and I’m starting to get pretty excited about BlackBerry. And so should you. Read the full article @ Tech Vibes  … Read the rest
Blackberry 10 browses like a boss
Black Friday sales – ooo shiny things! So I may not be resistant to mass-marketed consumer events, but I think that I made out like bandit. Lets see how I did. First up, some books to expand my knowledge: Ruby On Rails Tutorial [2nd edition], and HTML5 Applications.… Read the rest
A Black Friday Shopping Spree
cheers to that which matters most
Understanding what’s important in life