Kinesis freestyle2

Ease tension in your wrists and add an eye-catching piece to your desk with this unorthodox keyboard.

Kinesis Freestyle 2 review
The KISS Principle
Entertaining ideas

Track your Tim Hortons rim rolls and share your winnings with the world.

Tim Hortons Rim Diary WordPress plugin

My name is Maja and I’m trekking Mt Everest for a cause. Read my story!

Trekking Mt. Everest for a Cause!
The DeathAdder box.

I used to believe that these gaming mice were media-hyped gimmicks. I don’t believe so anymore.

Boxing Day – NCIX Edition
The Voice Within (alto saxophone cover)
Ghost blogging platform

Sometimes a blog is just a blog.

Ghost brings blogging back to its roots
Winamp icon

Well it’s been a great 15 years. On December 20 2013 Winamp, its website, and its related services will disappear according to a post on the official website. Gone but not forgotten, Winamp you will always be the King of MP3 players.… Read the rest

Say farewell to Winamp – the end of an era
tudor mint - zenith overlord
Zenith Overlord – Myth & Magic
Build a topic series with “Also In This Series”
Firefox 22 now takes DPI from the WIndows setting by default

With Firefox 22 recently pushed as an update, you might be one of the users surprised to find that everything suddenly looks bigger. Why is this?

Why does everything look bigger in Firefox 22?